Ballroom Dancing

Private Ballroom Dance Lessons in Austin

The most significant benefit of private ballroom dance lessons is that each partner receives specific attention to his or her dancing skills. Ballroom dance lessons teach the lady how to follow as the man choreographs the sequences of steps.  You will learn vital partnering techniques including un-memorized routines that easily adapt to a crowded ballroom.  These skills are only rudimentarily taught in group ballroom dance lessons.

Joining the staff of Cruise ships, periodically, demanded that Bob use teaching techniques that allow passengers to dance right away, competently and with enjoyment, on one of their many dance floors.

In his experience as a cruise ship ballroom dance instructor and gentlemen host Bob has observed dance champion couples that were severely restricted because of memorized dance routines.  They were not able to address vital techniques such as the man’s hip leading, Cuban hip rolling, and the contra body movement.  When you take private ballroom dance lessons from Bob you will become dance ambassadors of the “International” ballroom style. You will dance anywhere with your partner in unison and harmony, with smooth, graceful movements that blend with the music

Private Ballroom Dance Lessons are available for individuals or couples.

  • Free Introductory Lesson
  • $10 per hour (singles or couples are the same hourly rate)
  • A VHS recording of your accomplishments is available
  • Gift Certificates are available

To schedule your free introductory Ballroom Dance lesson, call Bob Million now at (512) 439-9334.

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