Ballroom Dancing

Bob Million - Austin Ballroom Dance Instructor

Bob Million’s ballroom dance expertise grew out of his lifelong passion for the synchronization and fluidity of motion between partners. In his early career he was an amateur roller skating champion and became chairman and program director for his roller skating club. Later he moved on to ice dancing and became a leader of a Denver figure skating club. He also served as the chairman of a children’s ice skating school.

While living in Denver, Colorado, Bob took a course in ballroom dance instruction…and was instantly hooked!  Since 1987 he has taken more than 275 classes from the Carter and Fred Astaire Dance Studios.  He attended Dance Camps at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah in 1994 and 1995. Over a span of six years Bob combined his passion for world travel and his love of dance by serving as a dance host and instructor for five popular cruise lines.

Bob has taught private ballroom dance lessons in his home studios in Denver and Vancouver, Washington to both individual partners and couples for seven years. Now living in Austin, Texas, Bob is once again teaching private lessons from his home studio, conveniently located near downtown and many of Austin’s best ballrooms. An avid dancer, Bob is a member of the Austin Ballroom Dancers, and you are likely to find him wherever you hear the sounds of a Big Band!

Here's what some of his students say about him:

"Bob has taught me some lovely advanced dance patterns. He's also helped me fine-tune my dancing style. The best part is that he's a great gentleman and a wonderful human being."

Sue Reading
Austin, Texas

"Ballroom dancing instruction from Bob has opened up a whole new world for me. I am impressed with the demonstration of his knowledge and expertise in this field. His patience and encouragement have inspired me and enabled me to experience great joy in my new hobby."

Barbara Duncan
Vancouver, Washington

"Bob will teach you to dance socially. Your self confidence will soar. The dream you have of flowing with the music is within reach. We know because we have studied with Bob."

Margaret and Joe Murrell
Vancouver, Washington


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